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Nail Sizing Kit- Short Almond

Nail Sizing Kit- Short Almond

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Purchase our sizing kit to find your perfect fit. These are our "Short Almond" sizing kit. Each set comes with 10 nail tips (sizes 0-9) and an instruction card.

How to size your fingers using the sizing kit

1. Starting with clean bare nails, push back your cuticles gently.

2. Size each nail tip to each fingernail until you find the one that fit best.

3. Record your sizes down on the size card. 

Make sure you keep record of your sizes so that you will be able to order any SHORT ALMOND press ons in your perfect fit.

**Shape/sizes are not all universal. Our size chart is a general guideline - note longer nails and variations in shape may fit slightly more narrow as a result of their shape. Purchasing a sizing kit is not required, but is highly recommended prior to placing an order with different shape and length variations to avoid any mis sizing issues.

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