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Nail Sizing kit - Authenticity Mini

Nail Sizing kit - Authenticity Mini

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Purchase our sizing kit to find your perfect fit. These are our "Authenticity Mini" sizing kit. Each set comes with 10 nail tips (sizes 0-9) and an instruction card. 

***Visit our FAQs/Policies for specific details about the Authenticity Mini and Authenticity Pre-Teen press ons

How to size your mini's fingers using the sizing kit

1. Starting with clean bare nails

2. Size each nail tip to each fingernail until you find the one that fits best. Nail should fit from side wall to side wall without being extremely tight. 

3. Record your sizes down on the size card. ( THE SIZING KIT WILL NOT NEED TO BE RETURNED) 

*Sizing Tip - If you are stuck between two sizes, it is best to go with the bigger size so that you can slightly file down the side walls upon application. You can always make a nail smaller, not the other way around :) 

Make sure you keep record of your sizes so that you will be able to order any "Authenticity Mini" press ons in your perfect fit.

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